fax machine repair

Fax Machine Repair Specialists

Make a copy and see what you are sending your clients and see if you are in need of a fax machine repair.
1.) Black lines or white streaks?
Normally caused by dirty optics or scanner. Small lines all the way down the page may be pen ink marks on the scanner glass or liquid paper on scanner glass. Wider lines are usually dirty mirrors, scanner, or lens which magnify the dirty image. This will require service by a qualified technician.

2.) Paper not feeding?
Common cause is dirty or worn pickup or feed rollers. Cleaning the rollers with a solvent base cleaner or rubber rejuvenator cleaner may solve the problem. An even scoring of the surface of the rubber will give the rollers some new life. Replacement of the rollers may be necessary.

3.) Takes too many pages?
A worn separation pad may be the culprit. The separation pad that allows a single sheet to move into the machine and holds back the other pages. The paper slips over the separation pad as it feeds into the machine causing wear to the surface of the pad. When the surface is worn more than a single page thickness it allows additional pages to slip through.

If you or your company has a fax machine that is exhibiting one of these problems or any other problem please call the fax machine repair specialists at BMC today and let us help you get your machine operating to the quality you expect from it.